Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hi there!!

I just want to update some news and gossip of what I've been doing these past weeks. Well, everything starts with our so awaited trip to Mexico, it began so good so far, but suddenly things started changing. At Mexico City Airport, while we were waiting to board the plane, for our last flight of the trip to reach our final destination (Aguascalientes), they canceled it without previous notice!!! So, the frustration came to us... finally after 3hrs wondering what was going to happen, they struggled but at the end got us a seat on the last flight of the day to Aguascalientes.

First week there, after the airport problems, the holiday was going good! We went to the beach, enjoyed the Mexican heat and family company!, the food, etc. But, by the time we came back from the beach to Aguascalientes, we had to make front to the bad news; a new virus was infecting and killing people in the country, they closed schools, museums, lots of public places, advised people to stay at home, and avoid direct contact with others, to try not to go to busy places, etc.

They said this virus was contagious and it could cause death. We were worried those days, cos the worse scenario had place at the enormous Mexico City, and we would have to go back there because of our connected flight to Paris. Well, the date of our return trip was on, thankfully we didn't have any problems coming back. We got home safe.

Days after we were back, I had a crazy attack of hormones, and I was having a bad moment in my life, you know, there's those days when you feel down, and you think you're not good enough at what you've dedicated years of your life, and you suppose to be doing for a living... or when you realize that the solution to your problems lies on your hands, but you don't really feel motivated to take control of the situation and change it... well, all that crap was rolling inside my head but, thankfully I've been starting to go back to normal!!

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