Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Finally!! my petite blythe doll has arrived!!!

Hiya guys!!

I am very happy 'cause today I finally got my very first Blythe doll and I'm looking forward to take lots of photos of her!!! Isn't she beautiful?!? I just love her a lot!!! I'm so thankful to my husband for being so amazing and always knowing how to make me happy!!!

Later in the week I will post some photos of my latest project, I've been working on it but I still have to go over the details, I hope you like it! That's it for now! Keep in touch and have a nice day!!


  1. oh! congratulations! she is wonderful! i love petit blythe, they are just so cute. i have 2 petits on the way to me too o^_^o

  2. yaay!! that's very cool!! Thank you!! I just discovered them not so long ago but I fell in love with them! they're just sooo cute that I couldn't resist the tentation of having one!! :-D

    Thank you so much for commenting on my post and following me! I'll follow you back! :-D