Friday, 26 March 2010

I've been here and there and nowhere...

Yep, I've been very quiet lately... but I'm back now with the BIG news of a new baby in the way!!! Vinny and I are expecting a baby due on September :-) I'm already 15 +3 weeks into the pregnancy journey and I've been experiencing a lot of changes, emotionally and body changes... Probably in about five weeks we will know if we're having a boy or a girl!! but for me the most important thing just now is having a healthy baby!!

Right now my head is full of doubts, worries, concerns... I just hope I'm going to be a good mum, because the whole idea of having a baby still makes me feel nervous at times, but even then I feel very happy!!! and I'm really looking forward to hold my baby in my arms and let it know how much I love it!!!

Btw, It's nice to be back :-) I did a make-over to my blog and I'll be posting new things soon!! :-) luv ya all!! have a nice day and thank you for stopping by!!


  1. omg, congratulations. and don't worry, you'll be a great mum!

  2. Thank you very much Anne!!! I really appreciate your words! :-)

  3. Ooo Yay! Many congrats to you and your hubby!! :)

  4. Thanks a lot Megan!!! :o) Have a lovely day!!