Thursday, 22 April 2010

Very happy!!!!

I'm so happy to share with you that I believe in miracles!!!

My dad got his results for cancer yesterday and he is cleared!!! Some weeks ago he had an operation in his back to remove a black patch that was infected with cancer type 4 and was damaging his skin... the doctors said that this type of cancer is one of the strongest, it invades vital organs very quick and the chemotherapy is useless, so we were extremely sad and worried. He was sent to have some blood tests done to check on how much of his body had the cancer invaded already, and to start thinking on what was going to happen next... but instead we were very pleased to find in the results the big surprise that he has no signs of that horrible illness!!! Thank God because you always listen to our prays!!!

Have a lovely day!!!


  1. That is awesome news! :) so happy for you guys! God is great.

  2. Thanks a lot Megan!! God is amazing!!!